Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Trooper Knighted by order of Pope Benedict XVI


Lt. Santangelo and the PopeLt. SantangeloOctober 7, 2008 – Lieutenant Pat Santangelo was named a Knight of the Pontifical Order of Saint Sylvester by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Lt. Santangelo received this recognition of the highest level of the Church for his outstanding witness to the Catholic faith. The Archbishop of Miami conferred the insignia of the Order of Saint Sylvester upon Lt. Santangelo during a ceremony at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Mary on Tuesday evening, October 7, 2008.

This honor is bestowed upon Roman Catholic laymen who are actively involved in the life of the church, particularly as it is exemplified in the exercise of their professional duties and mastership of different arts. Congratulations to Lt. Santangelo for a job well done!