Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Trooper Honored by Pinellas County Commissioner

Lt. French presents Sgt. Ada with his Hero Award.Pinellas County Commissioner John Moroni recently recognized a number of heroes within the community involved in public service who continually strive to make a difference in Pinellas County. One of this year’s heroes was Pinellas Park District Sergeant Ray Ada, who was honored for his role in capturing a wanted murder suspect from Hawaii.

One morning, Sergeant Ada was attempting to stop a speeding motorist who ran away from him on foot during a traffic stop. Sergeant Ada was able to catch the suspect as he scaled a chain link fence at the end of an alley. After determining the suspect’s true identity, a call from the Hawaiian authorities verified that the man in custody was a fugitive of justice.

Sergeant Ada’s determination to catch the fleeing suspect not only removed a reckless driver from our highways, but returned a career criminal to the Aloha state where he will face the additional charges against him. Congratulations to Sgt. Ada for being named a hero in his community!

Pictured: Lt. Robert French presents Sgt. Ray Ada with his Hero Award.