Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Trooper Helps Hungry Crash Victim

Trooper Robert HarrigillTrooper Robert Harrigill was working on October 13, 2008 when he was dispatched to a traffic crash involving a vehicle in a ditch and an alleged impaired driver. When he arrived on the scene, the vehicle had already been removed by a wrecker. The tag had been called in by several witnesses who were also concerned because they felt the driver was impaired. After running the tag number provided by the witnesses, Trooper Harrigill noticed that the owner’s address listed for the tag was nearby. He proceeded to the address to make contact with the vehicle owner to determine if the vehicle had been damaged.

After determining that no crash had occurred, he noticed that the driver, an elderly female, was not impaired by alcohol. Instead, she was hungry and fatigued. Trooper Harrigill discovered that she was caring for her 77 year old husband who has cancer, and that neither she nor her husband had eaten in four days. Trooper Harrigill transported the elderly lady to a family member’s residence to gather food. Once he made certain she had adequate food for her and her husband, he returned her to her home.

This is a great example of a trooper not only going the extra mile, but showing compassion to a fellow human being in need and for going above and beyond the call of duty.