Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Teams Delegated to Address Major Concerns

Captains leading the Regional Communications Centers meeting with staff from Organizational Effectiveness As a part of the Department’s strategic plan, several initiatives are underway to increase retention in key customer service positions at our agency. One of those positions is the Regional Duty Officer. Because this position is so critical to our agency’s need to respond to public safety incidents, we want to make sure that we are able to retain highly skilled and well trained individuals.

To kick off the project, the Organizational Effectiveness Office recently conducted a climate survey among members in this job group to provide a tool to give Regional Duty Officers and Duty Officer Supervisors a way to express their views on their work setting. Once the survey responses identified the major topics, teams visited our seven Regional Communications Centers to conduct focus group sessions with members. In the sessions, members gave their input on major topics such as pay, equipment, training, and work environment.

This week, the Captains leading the Regional Communications Centers met with staff from Organizational Effectiveness to review the recommendations and decide on the next steps for acting on the identified needs and challenges. Three teams have been identified and will begin work addressing the recommendations. The first team will deal with training and look at new hire training and ongoing refresher training. The second team will study the recruitment and hiring process and propose changes that will allow us to hire the best person for the job. Finally, the third team will look into environmental issues, overtime, staffing levels, cell phone usage, and uniforms.

We look forward to each team’s accomplishments as we improve our public service through improving our work environment. Sharing best practices among communications centers staff and meeting the needs of our members reflects our Department values of service, integrity, courtesy, professionalism, innovation, and excellence in all we do.