Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Postal Workers Learn Importance of Seat Belts

Trooper Reggie Edwards operates one of FHP’s rollover simulators to demonstrate the need for seat belt use.Trooper Reggie Edwards shows the need for seat belt use when one of the rollover dummies is thrown from the simulator.Recently, Trooper Reggie Edwards, Troop C Occupant Protection Specialist, conducted a safety presentation at the US Post Office in Clearwater. At the request of postal supervisors, Trooper Edwards spoke directly to the mail delivery staff about the importance of driving defensively and always wearing a seat belt.

Dozens of postal drivers watched as Trooper Edwards cranked up one of the Patrol’s ten rollover simulators, causing the dummies to fly through the air as they were ejected from the vehicle.

Many onlookers remarked that they did not realize just how easily unbelted objects could be thrown from a vehicle. They were disturbed by the consequences of not being buckled up, especially in a rollover crash.

Impressed with the demonstration, post office supervisors quickly scheduled additional demonstrations at other regional offices to further spread the word to their other employees about the importance of wearing seat belts. Thanks go out to Trooper Edwards for his occupant protection outreach!