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Move Over, It’s the Law

Move over sign at FHP station. border=Move over sign on the highway.Tallahassee-Last week, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles hosted a Move Over Law Workshop to focus on new strategies and methods to educate the motoring public about the law and to plan enforcement initiatives to ensure compliance. The workshop included representatives from the Florida Police Chiefs Association, the Florida Sheriffs Association, the Department of Transportation, the Florida Trucking Association, the Emergency Medical Services Union and AAA. Florida’s Move Over Law is almost six years old, but there are still too many motorists who are unaware of the law or simply choose not to comply with the law. However, the risks of violating this law are too great to ignore. Violators threaten the lives of our troopers and first responders as well as the motoring public. During the five-year period of 1996 to 2000, motorists in Florida crashed into working law enforcement vehicles that were either stopped or parked along Florida roadways 1,793 times, resulting in five deaths and 419 injuries.

“We have too many first responders who are getting hit or even killed. It’s time for all agencies and first responders to come together and work to educate the motoring public. Our goal is to find effective opportunities to spread the word. The safety of our motoring public, as well as our first responders, is important. We must find new ways to work to protect everyone on Florida’s roads and highways.” said Colonel John Czernis, Director of the Florida Highway Patrol.

The Move Over Law, which passed during the 2002 session, requires all motorists approaching an emergency vehicle with lights flashing to change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if traveling on a multi-lane roadway and if able to do so safely. If the driver is unable to move over or is traveling on a single-lane roadway, the driver is required to slow to a speed that is 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit when the posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour or greater; or travel at five miles per hour when the posted speed limit is 20 miles per hour or less.

Florida law enforcement officers are serious about enforcement of the Move Over Law! Compliance with the law helps ensure their safety and a safer driving experience for everyone traveling in our state. Please comply with the law to help protect those who protect us on our roadways in Florida.

Click Here to watch Power Point Presentation, an overview of MOL Promotion Efforts (2001-2008) Or Here for PDF version.

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