Photo/Story Gallery 2008

K-9 Caesar Detects Drugs

K9 CaesarTrooper J.C. Harrison stopped the driver of a 1991 Honda for an expired tag. Upon making contact with the driver, Trooper Harrison could smell raw marijuana. He called for back-up. Trooper Eldridge, Trooper Sisk (K-9 handler) and K-9 Caesar arrived at the scene.

While Trooper Harrison talked with the driver and passenger, Trooper Sisk deployed K-9 Caesar to check out the vehicle. K-9 Caesar soon alerted to the passenger compartment and attempted to bite through the seat. Trooper Eldridge then opened the trunk of the vehicle and found two large bricks of Marijuana weighing over forty pounds. Both suspects were placed under arrest and taken to the Jackson County Jail.

hidden compartment revealed contraband partially hidden marijuana