Photo/Story Gallery 2008

FHP Trains on Patrol Rifle

Instructors gather to begin trainingStudent taking cover beside patrol carRecently, twenty-nine of the states best firearms instructors met at the FHP Academy in Havana to participate in the first ever Patrol Rifle Instructor Course.

In response to concerns by the members of our agency, the patrol now allows its sworn members to carry approved rifles while on duty after meeting the necessary criteria. Members must be trained in the use of the rifle and qualify with it prior to carrying the weapon.

The course, taught by Academy Staff members Trooper Melissa Oman and Mr. Scott Houtcooper, began Monday morning. Trooper Oman and Mr. Houtcooper travelled to Pennsylvania last year to attend an NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor Certification course. After completing the training, Trooper Oman and Mr. Houtcooper adapted the tactics they learned for the benefit of the FHP and put together the current course.

Instructor Candidate demonstrating moving while shooting.Students in Patrol Rifle Instructor Course shooting in rainy weatherSome of the training topics taught included nomenclature of the rifle, zeroing the rifle, types of ammunition, malfunction drills, non-dominant hand shooting, and night shooting. After 40 hours of exhausting training in inclement weather, the FHP graduated its first class of Patrol Rifle Instructors. These dedicated members will take the training they received out into the field to pass on to all of our troopers who wish to carry a rifle.

Congratulations to all!!

Pictured: top right, a student takes cover beside patrol car; bottom left, an Instructor Candidate demonstrates movin’ while shootin’; and bottom right, students in Patrol Rifle Instructor Course shoot in rainy weather.