Photo/Story Gallery 2008

FHP Shows Support for AMBER Alert

FHP Director Colonel John Czernis joins other agencies during Amber Alert Awareness Day.At this year’s AMBER Alert Awareness Day held on January 13th in Tallahassee, Florida’s local, state, and private partners demonstrated an outstanding and united level of participation and support. The highly publicized event that included efforts by the Florida Lottery, and the use of highway signs, email and cell phone messages, and billboards promoting AMBER alert, really helped get the message out to the public!

What is AMBER alert? Amber alert is a system that notifies the public of missing children. Signs line roads and highways across the country to let people know when a child is missing. Also, Amber alert messages can be sent via email, posted on web sites, and accessed via cell phones if owners are registered to receive alerts.

Not every missing person qualifies as an Amber Alert. Investigators have a check list that must be met before an alert is issued. For example, the child must be 17 years old or younger, and must be missing as a result of an evident or verified abduction. Since 2000, 125 AMBER alerts have been issued in Florida, 119 of those children were recovered safely. To find out how you can receive AMBER alerts on your cell phone, please visit