Photo/Story Gallery 2008

FHP Goes High Tech to Fight Identify Theft

Trooper Myers and Captain Hancock study a titleThe Florida Highway Patrol’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations recently added a new tool to help in the battle against identity theft and driver license fraud in Florida. With the complex security designed into today’s driver license documents, it is critical that our agency have the ability to authenticate documents. To do this effectively requires the use of specific forensic equipment such as the VSC-4 Plus, an instrument that will allow users to study and identify counterfeit and altered driver license documents, titles, birth certificates, immigration documents, and passports.

Mike Zontini, with Foster and Freeman, testing the VSC-4.Thankfully, FHP now has the necessary equipment to authenticate documents and continue its enforcement of identity theft and document fraud per FHP mandate. The VSC-4 Plus has a unique design that gives the user the proper forensic light sources and filtering required to view covert security that has been designed into government issued identification documents.

As the criminal element continues to improve its use of new technology to commit crimes against our citizens, it is imperative that the law enforcement community use the best technology available to detect and apprehend these criminals. Use of the VSC-4 Plus is just one way the Florida Highway Patrol is bringing its enforcement efforts into the 21st century to better protect the people of Florida.