Photo/Story Gallery 2008

FHP Catches Fleeing Motorcyclist

Confiscated motorcycleLast month, a motorcyclist traveling north bound on I-75 was clocked going 99 mph by Troop F aircraft pilot Sgt. Gary Schluter in Sarasota County. Trooper Richard Weaver attempted to make a traffic stop. However, the motorcyclist sped away at a high rate of speed, passing traffic on the right emergency shoulder and passing between lines of traffic in an attempt to elude the trooper. At the direction of the aircraft pilot, and only using their emergency equipment when out of the line of sight of the motorcyclist, FHP units discreetly followed the motorcyclist for 68 miles as he sped north bound on I-75, east bound on SR-72, south bound on SR-769, and back north bound on I-75.

Finally, the motorcyclist exited the Interstate onto River Road near Venice and turned north to a dead end where an abandoned rest area is located. The motorcyclist drove through the only exit into the abandoned rest area, and was soon followed by four FHP units. One trooper remained to block the exit while the other three troopers drove into the abandoned rest area. The motorcyclist was arrested without incident and charged with unlawful speed, willful and wanton reckless driving, no motorcycle endorsement, and felony fleeing and attempting to elude. His driver license had recently been reinstated last August after having been revoked for Habitual Driver. FHP seized his 2003 Yamaha motorcycle. One more reckless motorcyclist is now without his bike and taken off the road!

Confiscated motorcycle being loaded onto tow truck Confiscated motorcycle close view Confiscated motorcycle side view