Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Committee Reviews Dress Codes

CommitteeColonel Czernis recently established a committee to review personal appearance standards for female officers. Prior to meeting in Tallahassee, preliminary research comparing FHP’s standards to those of other state law enforcement agencies was done and reviewed by selected members of the committee. CommitteeA face-to-face meeting, which focused on determining what recommendations they wanted to make to FHP’s Executive Staff, was held recently at the Academy.

Committee members were selected based on their abilities to represent the agency’s concerns as well as address issues of societal and generational change that would affect existing standards. Their years of service range from three to 25 years.

All committee members listed below were recommended by members of FHP’s Executive Staff:

Susan Yates (Executive Staff Member), Captain Diane Russo, Lt. Tammy Binder, Sergeant Francina Ogburn, Lt. Evelyn Wyse, Sergeant Maritza Gonzalez, Capt. Eileen Powell, Troopers  Charlotte Christian, Gina Narcisse, Jessica Jimenez, Captain Jacqueline Freeman and Lt. Lavada Curry