Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Auxiliary Trooper Helps Victim

FHPA Trooper Moore

Last month, Auxiliary Trooper Reuben Moore stopped to check on an apparent abandoned vehicle on Northbound 175 in Manatee County. As he approached the vehicle and activated his emergency lights, a female ran toward him from out of the nearby woods near the shoulder of the road. The female, who was not wearing any clothing, ran screaming toward Moore stating that she was being raped. After a short search, Moore was able to locate the male suspect, and keep him at the scene until backup arrived.

Trooper Richard Moore assisted FHPA Trooper Reuben Moore, and was able to determine that the 27 year old female was forcefully abducted from 15th Street East in Manatee County earlier in the night and driven onto 175 by the male suspect. After the male suspect stopped to allow his captive to use the bathroom, a physical altercation occurred in which the male suspect forcefully slammed the female victim’s head against the pavement and sexually assaulted her. Thankfully, Auxiliary Trooper Moore stopped and was able to rescue the victim from further assault and apprehend the suspect. The suspect and the investigation were turned over to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.