Photo/Story Gallery 2008

American Legion Announces Officer of the Year

Corporal DeWeese receiving plaque from American Legion members.On July 19, 2008, Corporal Daniel (Tony) DeWeese, was named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by The Florida Chapter of the American Legion.

On August 25, 2007, Corporal DeWeese was headed home after completing his shift when he came upon a vehicle with a flat tire on the side of the road. He pulled in behind the vehicle and offered to change the tire for the driver. The driver declined the offer.

Corporal DeWeese decided to stay behind the disabled vehicle until the driver changed the tire in an effort to provide additional protection by having his lights activated on his patrol car. This turned out to be a very important decision. Suddenly, Corporal DeWeese heard the driver scream. He observed that the vehicle had fallen off the jack and pinned the driver’s leg. Corporal DeWeese immediately radioed EMS and ran to help the pinned driver.

Corporal DeWeeseCorporal DeWeese and his wife KarenWithout thinking, Corporal DeWeese physically lifted the vehicle off the driver’s leg. The driver received a broken leg and lacerations, but without the help of Corporal DeWeese his injuries could have been much more severe.

Pictured right: Corporal DeWeese and his wife Karen

Corporal DeWeese displayed quick action and professionalism, living up to our agency’s motto of Courtesy, Service and Protection. Corporal DeWeese is well deserving of this honor and serves as an excellent example for all to emulate.