Photo/Story Gallery 2008

ACT Task Force in Operation

The newly created ACT Task Force conducts its first operation in Tallahassee.The new Alcohol Compliance Team (ACT) Task Force, which consists of members from the Florida Highway Patrol, Tallahassee Police Department, Florida State University Police, Florida A&M University Police, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, and the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, conducted its first operation last month. ACT operations ran throughout the month of August on Friday and Saturdays.

The Task Force’s mission was to inspect the establishments (restaurants, bars, etc.) that sell alcoholic beverages to ensure they are in compliance with applicable state law. This includes, ensuring that establishments that sell alcohol have policies in place so that staff only sell what the business is licensed to sell, staff have all safety equipment in place such as fire extinguishers and demonstrate clear emergency exits. In addition, staff must be trained to only sells alcoholic beverages to customers after verifying their legal age.

The ACT task force conducted their first operations just before college classes began in late August, working to get establishments in compliance prior to the arrival of college students to the Tallahassee area.

ACT members finalize operation plans.
ACT members finalize operation plans.

FSU Police and others meet to work out the details.
FSU Police and others meet
to work out the details.