Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Troop F Collects Food for Community

Vince, Larry and Cpl. John SchultzThe mascots and characters enjoyed a game of ice dodge ball.The recent holidays were made a little better through the efforts of the Fort Myers District of the Florida Highway Patrol. Corporal John Schultz placed collection boxes at the Fort Myers District and Regional Communications Center, collecting nonperishable food items to help feed the less fortunate. A goal of 1000 pounds of food was set for this year’s challenge. On November 18th a birthday celebration at the German Arena helped get the community involved in the collection efforts.

Pictured left, Vince, Larry and Cpl. John Schultz and right, the mascots and characters enjoyed a game of ice dodge ball during the birthday celebration.

The birthday party was for Swamp, the Florida Everblade’s mascot. Vince and Larry the Crash Test Dummies also made an appearance to help celebrate. Over 1200 pounds of food was collected, superseding the original goal, and turned over to the food banks in the area.

Thanks to Troop F and Corporal Schultz for a job well done.