Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Traffic Stop Yields Much More

K9 LeroyRecently, Trooper Winders conducted a traffic stop on the driver of a yellow Suzuki Arieo for a traffic violation on State Road 80, just east of County Road 880. During the traffic stop, the driver revealed that he possessed a concealed weapons permit. Trooper Winders then asked the driver to step out of the vehicle, and for his own safety conducted a quick pat down of the driver for weapons. While he did so, the driver made small talk and appeared very nervous.

Trooper Winders called for back-up. Trooper Robert Boody and K-9 Leroy were dispatched to conduct an exterior search of the vehicle. Almost immediately, K-9 Leroy gave a positive alert to the vehicle. Further search revealed a can of Copenhagen located in the glove box that contained two small plastic bags of a white powder substance, which later tested positive for cocaine. Also found in the glove box was a loaded 9mm Beretta handgun.

The driver was placed under arrest while the vehicle search continued. Another plastic bag containing cocaine was found underneath the passenger front seat in addition to several prescription doses of Soma. The driver signed a Consent to Search Waiver for his residence, and as a result eleven more baggies containing cocaine were recovered from inside his residence.

A total of 40.5 grams of cocaine were seized. The driver was transported to the Palm Beach County jail and charged with Armed Trafficking in Narcotics, Possession with Intent to Sell, and Possession of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony. The 2002 Suzuki was also seized for forfeiture.

  Confiscated contraband Weapon found in glove box. Seized yellow Suzuki