Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Traffic Stop Reveals Contraband

Trooper OgdenLooking Past the Traffic Stop –

Brooksville District Trooper Hazen Ogden recently conducted a traffic stop on an aggressive driver who was speeding and following other vehicles too closely. The odor of marijuana led Trooper Ogden to investigate further, revealing over 25 pounds of marijuana. Another traffic stop of an occupied stolen vehicle recovered the car for the rightful owner and put the car thief behind bars. One more traffic stop of a speeder on the interstate revealed hidden currency within the vehicle and several illegal immigrants, and led to the arrest of a suspect who is a known drug and human trafficker who was previously deported from the United States.

One trooper looking past the traffic stop in just one month has definitely made Florida’s highways a little safer for all of us. Thank you, Trooper Ogden, for a job well done!