Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Traffic Stop leads to Federal Weapon Charge

Confiscated weapons.Recently, Trooper Anthony Lee observed the driver of a white Ford pick-up truck traveling eastbound on Interstate 595 commiting a traffic violation. When Trooper Lee hit the blue lights, the driver failed to immediately pull over and was observed moving around inside the vehicle, reaching under the seat and across to the passenger side.

Once Trooper Lee was successful in getting the driver to pull over, he approached the driver to obtain identification. Trooper Lee noticed several empty gun holsters lying on the front seat. The driver seemed very nervous while Trooper Lee spoke with him.

Confiscated knives. Confiscated silencer parts.When Trooper Lee searched the vehicle, he found a loaded 32 caliber Derringer hidden underneath a jacket on the front seat of the truck and a knife on the dashboard in front of the driver under some papers.

Upon further investigation, Trooper Lee discovered eleven additional firearms, along with eight more knives, 672 rounds of ammunition, a silencer, and materials to construct more silencers. Trooper Lee called the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Division of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) to respond to the Davie station.

The suspect was then interviewed, and subsequently charged by Trooper Lee with two counts of carrying a concealed weapon. He was also charged with possession of a silencer by the ATF.