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The 114th Graduates

114th ClassBlack & tan to the core, we’re the mighty 1-1-4!

On September 19, 2007, in a ceremony at the Leon County Civic Center in Tallahassee, the Florida Highway Patrol’s 114th Basic and Certified Officers Recruit Class graduated.

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Executive Director, Electra Bustle, introduced FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey as the Commencement Speaker for the graduation exercises.

The 114th Basic Recruit Class began their training March 4, 2007 and the 114th Certified Recruit Class joined them on July 29, 2007. After completing their respective training at the Academy, the Basic and Certified Officer Recruits received their diplomas and badges, and Lt. Colonel Czernis administered the oath of office.

The 114th stands in their final formation.The 114th is sworn in.The graduates must still complete 10 weeks of field training in their assigned districts before they are released to solo patrol.

Of the 38 graduates, eight were selected to receive special recognition awards. Executive Director Bustle and Lt. Colonel Czernis presented the awards:

  • Executive Director’s Award: Eric Abercrombie
  • Class President’s Award: Eric Abercrombie
  • Public Speaking Award: Vickie Kellum
  • Marksmanship Award: Elvin Gonzalez
  • Defensive Tactics Award: Yanier Gener
  • Physical Fitness Award (Most Improved): Keosha Maddox
  • Physical Fitness Award (Best Overall): Christopher Slowick
  • FHP Director’s Award: Sterling Safford

The Florida Highway Patrol is proud to welcome these men and women into their ranks. Good luck Class 114!

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The 114th waiting to form up The 114th arrives at the Civic Center 114th in formation.formation. Guide-on Recruit Kyle WaIlace.formation. Waiting for the recruits.formation. The 114th arrives.formation. FHP Honor Guard enters the Hall.formation. Posting the colors.formation. Corporal Brandon Overstreet salutes the colors.formation. Lt. Col. Czernis speaks to the recruits and guests.formation. Corporal Mike Strickland prepares to give the Invocationformation. The 114th Recruit Classformation. Executive Director Electra Bustle speaks to the recruits and guests.formation. Guest speaker, FDLE Commissioner Gerald M. Baileyformation. Class President Eric Abercrombie speaks to the audience.formation. Recruits are sworn in The Recruits are sworn in Recruits are being sworn inRecruits are sworn in The Recruits are sworn in Recruits are sworn in The Recruits are sworn in Recruits are being sworn in Recruits are sworn in The Recruits are sworn in