Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Sheriff’s Office Recognizes FHP Sergeant

Undersheriff Mackesy presents Sergeant Fouraker with a <em>Certificate of Appreciation</em>.Recently, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) recognized Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Sergeant Harry L. Fouraker for his excellent supervisory efforts during Operation Roadblock in the early phase of Operation Safe Streets (OSS) last summer.

Harry is a supervisor with FHP and a member of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Initiative (HIDTA). Over the summer of 2006 Harry was tasked with scheduling and coordinating the FHP’s interdiction efforts of the Operation Roadblock and OSS initiatives.

Pictured, Undersheriff Frank Mackesy presents Sergeant Harry Fouraker with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Operation Roadblock ran during July and August of 2006 and launched six deployments of:

  • thirty out of town FHP troopers,
  • members from the JSO Zone task forces,
  • members of the Violent Crimes Task force, and JSO Narcotics investigators.

Harry was responsible for:

  • deploying the 30 FHP troopers to achieve maximum results,
  • responding to traffic stops or incidents as needed,
  • tracking and approving records of all FHP Overtime,
  • providing hotel accommodations for the out of town troopers, and
  • coordinating all FHP efforts with the various units of JSO participating in Operation Roadblock and OSS.

At the end of August, the FHP removed the out of town officers. However, Harry and his local troopers continued to provide interdiction assistance through November 2006.

The following results are due to the combined efforts and strategic planning that went into OSS and Operation Roadblock from June through November:

  • 676 physical arrests,
  • 6 kilos, 189.3 grams seized Powder Cocaine,
  • 368.1 grams seized Crack Cocaine,
  • 143.8 grams seized Heroin,
  • 13.34 pounds seized Marijuana,
  • 601 pills seized Ecstasy,
  • $159,889 in seized currency,
  • 26 seized vehicles, and
  • 68 seized firearms.

JSO Undersheriff Frank Mackesy stated: “Harry, I appreciate your hard work and ability to manage a project of this magnitude. You have demonstrated your commitment to law enforcement and to the safety of our citizens.”

Congratulations Sergeant Fouraker and thank you for your hard work.