Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Make a Real Fashion Statement

Make a real fashion statement campaign poster The Florida Highway Patrol is kicking off another of its traffic safety campaigns. This one is designed to inform teen drivers and their parents about Florida’s new Primary Seat Belt Law for drivers and passengers under age 18. The new law (Chapter 316.614(4)(a), Florida Statutes), which passed last year, requires that all drivers and passengers under the age of 18 must wear a seat belt no matter where they ride in a car, and any driver under 18 can be pulled over for not wearing a seat belt and issued a ticket for a primary offense. If there are other passengers in the vehicle not wearing seat belts, the driver will be issued a ticket for each violation and be required to pay all fines.

Currently, thousands of posters and brochures are being distributed all across Florida at high schools, state and county fairs, community safety events, and driver license offices to promote compliance with the new primary seat belt law and to encourage teens to use seat belts each and every time they get in a vehicle. The posters, which show a group of teen runway models and state the important message to “Make a Real Fashion Statement…Don’t be Caught Dead Without Your Seat Belt,” attempts to appeal to teenagers’ sense of style and fashion. The brochures, which present a few basic facts written in simple, plain language, seek to encourage teens to wear seat belts while driving and riding as a passenger each and every time they get into a car.

The seat belt posters and brochures were developed by personnel from FHP and the Division of Driver Licenses and produced by a Florida based advertising company, made possible through funding by the Florida Department of Transportation. It is hoped that the posters and brochures will serve as a reminder to teens to buckle up and use safe driving practices as they share the road with other motorists.