Photo/Story Gallery 2007

In the Air and Everywhere

Lieutenant Tom Mallow and his plane.On Sunday, January 21, 2007, FHP pilot Lt. Tom Mallow was conducting an aircraft detail in Madison County on Interstate 10 at State Road 14, when he clocked a yellow Ford Mustang at 88mph. Lt. Mallow called the vehicle down to Trooper Daniel Jones who quickly located the vehicle, moved in behind it, and attempted to stop the driver.

The driver accelerated the vehicle in an attempt to flee, using the emergency lane to pass other eastbound traffic. Trooper Jones backed off, while Lt. Mallow continued to observe the vehicle from the air.

Additional troopers in the area attempted to stop the vehicle, but with no success. Lt. Mallow continued to follow the vehicle and observed it leaving Interstate 10 and continuing northbound on Interstate 75. Troopers followed behind the vehicle, but out of visual range of the fleeing driver.

FHP pilot conducts an aircraft detail looking for speeders and stolen vehicles.Once the vehicle entered Georgia, the driver pulled off onto the shoulder of the road approximately a half mile north of the Florida/Georgia border. The driver and a passenger got out of the car. The driver then climbed over a nearby fence. The passenger, who was later identified as the driver’s girlfriend, attempted unsuccessfully to scale the fence. Our troopers closed in on the vehicle. When the driver spotted them, he abandoned his girlfriend and fled on foot into a wooded area. The passenger was immediately taken into custody.

Soon, additional FHP units arrived at the scene along with a dozen Lowndes County deputies and a Georgia State Trooper. A perimeter was established, and approximately fifteen minutes later the subject exited the wooded area about a mile east of the vehicles with his hands up. A Georgia State Trooper placed him under arrest. The Mustang had been reported stolen out of Georgia and the driver had a suspended driver license. Other charges are being filed, including Felony Fleeing and Eluding and Reckless Driving by Trooper Jones in Madison County. All troopers involved are congratulated for a job well done!

Pictured above left, Lieutenant Tom Mallow and right, A Bear in the Air – FHP pilot conducts an aircraft detail looking for speeders and stolen vehicles.