Photo/Story Gallery 2007

FLOW Rolls Out Five Star Tour

Trooper Bassett, Lieutenant Frith, Trooper Williams, and two local Driver License examiners stand in front of one of our agency's FLOW (Florida Licensing on Wheels) mobiles during the Five Star Tour.A fleet of five FLOW mobiles manned by staff from FLHSMV’s Division of Drivers Licenses recently rolled out to greet the public and offer on-site services at several locations across the state. Using the FLOW mobiles, members of the public were able to renew their driver licenses and tags, get identification cards for their children, and input or update their emergency contact information.

Pictured: Trooper Conya Bassett, Lieutenant Tim Frith, Trooper Sevine Williams, and two local Driver License examiners stand in front of one of our agency’s FLOW (Florida Licensing on Wheels) mobiles during the Five Star Tour.

While crowds lined up for services, Florida Highway Patrol staff demonstrated the importance of wearing a seat belt by putting their roll-over simulator and seat belt convincer in action. In Orlando, Trooper Kim Miller, Sergeant Jorge Delahoz, Sergeant Jim Montes, Lieutenant Kevin Vaugh, and Trooper Brian Hearn conducted safety demonstrations for the public while Major Cyrus Brown spoke about the Move-Over Law at a local press conference.

Later in the week, the FLOW mobiles headed south where troopers took a seat on the Five Star Tour in Royal Palm Beach. Hundreds of Florida residents took advantage of the convenience the mobile units provided by renewing their driver licenses on-site. This event provided a great opportunity for Recruiter Trooper Sevine Williams to generate public interest in employment with FHP while Occupant Protection Specialist Trooper Conya Bassett was able to present child passenger safety tips for parents in attendance.

A special thank you goes out to AAA members Randy Bly, Kathy Walters, Laura Lara-Palermo, and Kevin Bakewell for their gracious support, and to Senior Vice President Kevin Bakewell who spoke at the press conference about his company’s partnership with our agency.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the kickoff and truly provided Five Star customer service in Orlando and Royal Palm and to the rest of our residents across the state.

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