Photo/Story Gallery 2007

FHP Uses Aircraft to Catch Street Racers

Pilot Torres and Trooper Smith pose with the seized bike.A twenty year old motorcycle street racer suspect admitted to traveling at speeds in excess of 150 mph and purposely eluding police officers and troopers on a regular basis. Recently, this suspect was the target of a sting operation in Miami set up to track down and arrest him.

Pictured: Pilot D.J. Torres and Trooper Bill Smith pose with the seized bike.

Wrecked bike.Using Troop E’s aircraft, FHP Pilot Sgt. D. J. Torres was able to intercept the suspect from the air as he sped down the interstate on his speed bike. Sgt. Torres tracked the suspect to his final destination and alerted ground troopers who arrested him without incident. FHP seized the motorcycle.

 This suspect is only one of several motorcycle street racers who have suffered the consequences of thinking they are above the law and ended up losing their bikes in the process. In recent months, Sgt. D.J. Torres has been instrumental in catching and arresting several motorcycle daredevils in the Miami area.