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FHP Supports Look Twice Efforts

The new billboard featuring Kris McElhenny is unveiled. Major Duarte addresses the media during the May 31st press conference that unveiled the new billboard promoting motorcycle safety .K-Mc Sports Foundation, a special organization that promotes motorcycle safety, unveiled its new billboard at a dramatic press ceremony held on a Tallahassee roadside and attended by state officials, law enforcement, and motorcycle enthusiasts. On behalf of the citizens of Florida, the K-Mc Sports Foundation strives to work with other organizations and agencies such as FHP to lower the number of fatalities and injuries to motorcyclists. It is no accident that the unveiling took place on the last day of May, which is the month designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The number one goal of this special billboard campaign is to bring statewide awareness to this effort. The message is simple: Motorists need to pay special attention to motorcyclists on the road.

Pictured above left, billboard promoting motorcycle safety and right, Major Ernesto Duarte addresses the media during the May 31st press conference that unveiled the new billboard promoting motorcycle safety.  

The K-Mc Sports Foundation was formed by Tina McElhenny, a mother who lost her 18-year-old son, Kris McElhenny, when he was killed in a motorcycle crash on May 8, 2002. The driver of the other vehicle failed to yield to her son’s right-of-way, causing the tragic accident. The campaign’s slogan “Be Nice. Look Twice. Save a Life,” was created as a result of this tragedy, and has the sole purpose of bringing attention to the fact that motorists must look out for motorcyclists as they travel the roads and highways of this state.

Colonel Knight receiving plaque from Ms. McElhenny. Col. Knight and Ms. McElhenny
Tina McElhenny presents a plaque to Colonel Chris Knight in appreciation and recognition
of the FHP’s role in helping spread the message about motorcycle safety in Florida.

The goal of this campaign and others like it is to heighten motorcycle safety awareness in an effort to reduce the number of Florida motorcycle crashes, injuries, and fatalities. In 2005, 8,147 motorcycle crashes were reported with 7,282 injuries and 441 fatalities. Safety advocates want to lower these numbers. The new billboard, which features the smiling face of Kris McElhenny, will be displayed on roadways all across the state throughout the year to remind motorists to watch out for motorcyclists sharing the roadways.