Photo/Story Gallery 2007

FHP Doubles Up Enforcement Efforts

Major Carrick addresses the officers at the briefingwith the support of Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford.Working in partnership with several state and federal agencies, the FHP helped implement Operation Roadblock North, a special enforcement effort that involved troopers and other law enforcement professionals throughout Florida that included members from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO), High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), Department of Transportation Police, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Naval Criminal Investigative Service; and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. The Operation participants spent three days in Jacksonville working with city officials to develop enforcement strategies for neighborhoods where serious drug and gun-related crime rates have increased.

At the same time, JSO deputies took the lead on another three-day roadway drug interdiction effort as part of their ongoing Operation Safe Streets aimed at reducing the number of murders and gun crimes in the Jacksonville area. With federal funding from HIDTA and help from fellow law enforcement agencies such as FHP, JSO deputies have been able to conduct seven of these operations in just over one year. The preliminary results from this weekend’s activities show that more than 816 motorists were stopped for traffic violations and thirteen illegal firearms recovered. These stops also resulted in 105 felony arrests, forty of which were for drugs. During the Operation, officers seized four vehicles used in illegal activity, recovered one stolen vehicle, and seized more than 400 grams of marijuana; 12 grams of crack cocaine, 32 grams of powder cocaine, 8 grams of heroin, 9 grams of Ecstasy; and 4 grams of the prescription pain medication Oxycontin.

Troopers Cimino and Earrey carry supplies used for the operation.“It’s always good to get illegal drugs and weapons off the street, and I appreciate the way these agencies come together to do this,” said Sheriff John Rutherford about the Operation, “The true benefit is the criminal intelligence, the information we get on other individuals and their activities and the way the agencies work together to connect the dots. This is why these operations are invaluable. I’m hoping we see some important cases, down the road that are solidified by intelligence gathered this weekend as a result of our other initiatives like this one. Sheriff Rutherford continued, “Our partnerships with these agencies have always been solid, but in the year and a half since we kicked off Operation Safe Streets, we have witnessed the cumulative impact of good intelligence gathering and detective work, good arrests, and good prosecution, all coming together to put some dangerous people behind bars and remove their guns from the street.”

Pictured above left, Major Grady Carrick addresses the officers at the briefing with the support of Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford and right, Troopers David Cimino and Josh Earrey carry supplies used for the operation.