Photo/Story Gallery 2007

FHP Completes Move Over Operation


Group photo of participating agenciesLast month, Troop F troopers hosted another Operation MOLE (Move Over Law Enforcement) that involved county deputies from Sarasota and Charlotte Counties to help enforce our state’s Move Over Law and heighten motorist awareness about the requirements of the law. Move Over Law billboardTrooper Ed Pope organized the local effort and provided information for the public about the law. During Operation MOLE, officers issued a total of 429 Citations: 189 Move over Law Violations; 158 Warnings; and 26 Faulty Equipments. Florida law requires motorist to move over or slow down when approaching law enforcement vehicles with their emergency lights activated.

Nationwide, hundreds of law enforcement officers have been injured or killed by motorists as they perform their duties on our nation’s roadways. In Florida, extensive efforts have been made to get the word out to motorists about the Move Over Law, but many still do not understand the law or show total disregard for it. Therefore, enforcement efforts are critical and must be continued to help prevent injuries and save the lives of our law enforcement officers and emergency personnel as they do their jobs.