Photo/Story Gallery 2007

FHP Catches Speeder, Seizes Bike

Sergeant  Cendan stands by his plane.While conducting an aircraft speed enforcement detail on State Road 54 and Gunn Highway in Pasco County, Sergeant Miguel Cendan, clocked a motorcyclist speeding at 90 in a 55 mph zone. While under observation, the suspect sped by three troopers who attempted to stop him from the ground. The suspect continued to flee on his high performance motorcycle, eluding troopers even after he saw their blue lights and despite repeated efforts to pull him over.

Sergeant Cendan followed the motorcyclist from the air for twenty minutes, clocking him at speeds of up to 180 mph, and witnessing the suspect’s erratic driving behavior. In less than half an hour, Sergeant Cendan saw the suspect pass on the shoulder of the road, cross the center line while meeting oncoming traffic, run several red lights, and almost crash into a school bus. The suspect violated numerous traffic laws with apparent disregard for his safety or that of others.

Finally, with Sergeant Cendan’s help, troopers were able to stop the suspect on State Road 589, just north of the toll plaza. Upon the suspect’s arrest, it was discovered that he is a convicted felon on probation. He was taken to jail and his bike seized.