Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Family Finds New Joy

Corporal Zook and family.The Florida Highway Patrol family has always admired Corporal Mark Zook for his dedication and hard work. When Mark and his wife Karen lost their son Ian in Iraq, all of our members felt his and Karen’s sorrow and pain. The good news is that, recently, Mark and Karen have adopted two children, Anyall and Alexander, both age 12 from Siberia (Kemerovo, Russia).

It has been nearly four months since the children moved into their new home, and they have adapted quite rapidly to their new school and are full of excitement about living in America. As Karen outlines in a letter to loved ones, “The children love and adore Amy (Ian’s sister) and she adores them. They know all about their big brother Ian who died fighting for freedom and seem to respect his service to their new country.” These special children certainly understand heartache and sorrow as well. But, now, new hope has come alive again! The Zook family feels truly blessed, and teaches us all a valuable lesson: May we all remember to reach out and help others in need.