Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Enjoy the Ride – Safe & Sober


Target age is under 21 - link to billboard

Target age is 30-45 - link to billboard

The Florida Highway Patrol is geared up and running with its new 2007 traffic safety campaigns. The Florida Highway Patrol’s Office of Public Affairs continues its efforts to educate the motoring public about Florida’s traffic safety laws in the hopes that citizens and visitors will have the safest possible driving experience while traveling the roadways in our state.

Currently, hundreds of billboards are going up all along Florida’s busiest roadways to promote motorcycle safety with the important message to those who ride motorcycles in Florida to “Enjoy the Ride…Safe & Sober!” The campaign is designed to encourage all motorcycle riders of all ages from those on high-performance bikes to cruisers and choppers to make sure they don’t drink and ride and they ride as safely as possible. FHP also wants to remind all other motorists to keep a look out for motorcyclists who are sometimes hard to see in rear-view mirrors because of their smaller size.

The motorcycle billboards were developed by FHP in cooperation with the Florida Outdoor Advertising Association, and made possible through grant funding by the Florida Department of Transportation. Two separate billboards, representing two distinct age groups (under 21; 30-45 year olds) were created in direct response to growing concerns expressed by the public regarding the increase of motorcycle operators on our roadways. It is hoped that the billboards will serve as a reminder to motorcyclists to ride sober and use safe driving practices as they share the road with other motorists. We encourage all motorists traveling any of Florida’s busy highways, interstates, or the Florida Turnpike, to keep a look out for these safety billboards and to keep a special look out for motorcycle riders, too.