Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Duty Officers Honored During National Telecommunications Week

Major Brown presents awards to Duty Officer Folsom.April 7-13, 2007, is set aside as National Telecommunications Week to honor the Nation’s telecommunications workers for the job they do to help ensure public safety. Every day we depend on the skill and commitment of our FHP Duty Officers, who affect numerous lives by responding to emergency calls, dispatching troopers and other law enforcement agencies, providing moral support, and delivering services in a professional manner to the citizens we serve.

Pictured: Major Cyrus Brown presents awards to Duty Officer Annette Folsom.

Over the past few years during National Telecommunications Week, the Orlando Regional Communications Center has selected a deserving individual to receive their Duty Officer of the Year Award. The award recipient, who is chosen by a committee that bases its decision upon nominations from peers, is recognized as the duty officer who rose above the rest to do an outstanding job in a given year.

This year, Duty Officer Annette Folsom, a 5-year veteran of the Orlando Regional Communications Center (ORCC), was selected for this honor by her peers for her work during 2006-2007. She performs her job responsibilities in an exemplary manner at all times and is always courteous, polite and professional in all of her dealings with other agencies, the public, or the officers served by the ORCC.

Duty Officer Folsom has handled many and varied emergencies involving the public and officers, sending help or backup as needed. She has even handled one of the worst scenarios any law enforcement dispatcher could encounter, the death of an officer while on duty. She worked through the entire incident in a very professional manner and with great empathy, suppressing her emotions until the conclusion of the incident. Ms. Folsom also serves as a Communications Training Officer for our newly hired duty officers. Building on a solid base of knowledge and experience, she helps instill confidence in new duty officers, giving them the skills needed to perform this most vital and important job.

Everyone at Troop D extends their congratulations to Duty Officer Annette Folsom for a job well done and for being the recipient of Troop D’s Duty Officer of the Year award for 2007.

It takes a special person with unique skills to do the job of a duty officer. We appreciate all of our duty officers and thank each of them for the manner in which they serve the Florida Highway Patrol, our citizens, and the visitors of our state.

2005-2006 Award Winner

Major Brown presents awards to Duty Officer Graves.Duty Officer Janet Graves was named Troop D’s Duty Officer of the Year for 2005-2006. Duty Officer Graves was chosen from nominations submitted by her peers, supervisors and shift commanders. This award has been given annually for the past three years in the Orlando Regional Communications Center during National Telecommunicator’s Week to honor a Duty Officer for outstanding performance.

Pictured: Major Cyrus Brown presents awards to Duty Officer Janet Graves.

Duty Officer Graves began her career with the Florida Highway Patrol on April 2, 1999. She has served on the Central Florida 911 committee for the annual 911 picnic during the National Telecommunicator’s Week. This committee meets all year long in fund raising and planning each year’s event. She volunteers on various local charities and stays busy assisting those charities. Her husband, Rick Graves works with the Department of Transportation as a systems operator for the Traffic Management Systems as part of the open road policy for the Department of Transportation.

Duty Officer Graves has handled several serious incidents during the year, one being an elderly lady that had gotten lost in the rural portions of Brevard County while trying to drive herself to a doctor’s appointment. Many agencies resources were in use trying to locate this person; Duty Officer Graves spent hours on the call with the subject trying to determine where and how she was.

Duty Officer Graves was also the dispatcher handling the incident involving an armed confrontation which resulted in a Lake County deputy shot and killed, one other injured, and a man hunt for the subject ensued.

Congratulations to Duty Officer Janet Graves for a job well done and for being the recipient of Troop D’s Duty Officer of the Year award for the year of 2005-2006!