Photo/Story Gallery 2007

Captains Complete Leadership Seminar

Captain PowellCaptain SpauldingCaptain Eileen Powell (left), Northern Region Commander, Bureau of Investigations, and Captain Gene Spaulding (right) recently graduated from the Executive Leadership Seminar sponsored by the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute. The Seminar, which is available to upper management members of criminal justice organizations, offers a series of valuable educational opportunities for participants to learn different aspects of leadership.

The Seminar is presented in three sessions: Defining the Future, which focuses on major issues affecting the future of criminal justice in Florida; Organizational Realities, which identifies the values of a diverse workforce along with limitations imposed by racial, ethnic, cultural, and gender biases; and, Leading Change, which explores the role of the criminal justice professional by defining ways by which an organization can become more effective and future-oriented. Specific topics covered during the three sessions of the seminar include: environmental screening; the influence of culture on policy; presentation and media skills; ethics; organizational values; the vision of leaders; and the leadership of change.

The goal of the Executive Leadership Seminar is to provide participants a continuing education forum for the development and refinement of leadership skills for Florida’s criminal justice professional, focusing on quality of leadership and the ability to create and lead positive change.

Congratulations to Captains Powell and Spaulding for completing this prestigious certification.