Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Williams Promoted to Major

photo of Major Steve Williams and Fred Dickinson. photo of Major Steve Williams with his wife, Wendy, Colonel Chris Knight, and Fred Dickinson.Congratulations to Captain Steven A. Williams for his recent promotion to Law Enforcement Major for his superior performance of duty with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Pictured left, Major Steve Williams and Fred Dickinson and right, Major Steve Williams with his wife, Wendy, Colonel Chris Knight, and Fred Dickinson.

Major Steve Williams, a 24-year veteran, is well known and highly respected by many technology professionals in the public and private sectors for his expertise in computer technology and communications. A multiple Davis Productivity Award winner and Medal of Valor recipient, Major Williams continues to represent the FHP in its highest tradition.

Every mobile computer terminal used by our troopers, corporals, and sergeants, every desktop computer in field offices and headquarters, and every Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) workstation at each of the Patrol’s seven regional communications centers, have been acquired through the significant efforts of Major Williams and his talented team of professionals. Major Williams’ hard work, dedication, and leadership have resulted in the Patrol’s elevated level of credibility and professionalism in the information technology arena, earning the Patrol the respect of other law enforcement agencies within Florida and throughout the country.

In addition, Major Williams has developed an excellent working relationship with the State Technology Office to ensure the successful deployment of the M/A-COM 800 MHz radio system throughout our state. He also created and maintains the FHP Intranet website, which provides our members with easy access to a number of important online resources, such as department forms, officer safety alerts, virus updates, SmartCop CAD data, links to transfer requests, and other information.

Congratulations to Major Steve Williams for a well-deserved promotion!