Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Troopers Handle Variety of Situations

Trooper Mosesman
Chris Mosesman

Sergeant Hensley
Maurice Hensley

Trooper Miller
Ben Miller

Trooper Perez
Benito Perez

Trooper Horne
Anthony Horne

The Florida Highway Patrol trooper, whether on or off duty, is trained to handle situations that may involve a boat, a plane, or even an automobile. One trooper finds himself on a cruise with his family and puts his training to use when a fellow passenger needs help. Several troopers in the middle of investigating a vehicle crash are suddenly involved in a plane crash.

Pinellas Park District Trooper Christian Mosesman has not been able to stop and rest since graduating from the 111th FHP Academy recruit class. Just before reporting for duty in Troop C, Trooper Mosesman and his family tried to get away on a Caribbean cruise. While boarding the ship, Trooper Mosesman was required to provide first aid to a fellow cruiser who had fallen and was injured walking onto the ship. The injured traveler was relieved to see the off duty trooper come to her aid.

On another trip, again on his own time, Trooper Mosesman drove up on a fatal crash that had just occurred on Interstate 75 in north Florida. Trooper Mosesman summoned the assistance of the local FHP office, started to assess the injured parties, performed first aid, and located an ejected baby on the side of the interstate.

Trooper Mosesman’s actions and his knack at being in the right place at the right time demonstrate his helpful and caring spirit for his fellow man in the Sunshine State.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Maurice Hensley, Trooper Ben Miller, Trooper Benito Perez, and Trooper Anthony Horne when investigating a fatal crash in southern Hillsborough County were surprised to see their roles abruptly change when a twin engine private plane crashed on State Road 674 shortly after take-off, less than a mile from their crash scene.

Trooper Ben Miller arrived first on the scene. He saw the burning plane and quickly summoned the assistance of a passing CO2 truck to extinguish the flames. Our troopers, along with good samaritans who also witnessed the crash, rescued the plane’s passengers from the wreckage and tended to their injuries until the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue arrived. Troopers on the scene assisted the badly burned passengers, stopped all traffic from entering the area, and oversaw the spraying of CO2 on the fire to prevent the flames from spreading and intensifying, thus preventing a bad situation from getting worse.

Good job by all involved. Keep up the fine work!