Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Trooper Saves Marion County Man’s Life

Trooper YoungTrooper Jonathan H Young, a graduate of the 111th Academy Class, was on routine patrol in Marion County in mid October when he was dispatched to an incident at Interstate 75 and County Road 318. According to the duty officer on call a man was spotted sitting on the side of the road with a rope tied around his neck.

When Trooper Young arrived on the scene, he saw the man sitting on the roof of his pickup truck with the rope still tied around his neck. The other end of the rope was tied to the passenger’s door. When the man saw Trooper Young he slid off the roof on the driver’s side, attempting to hang himself. Trooper Young quickly exited his vehicle and lifted the man up so he could loosen the rope from around the man’s neck. The man was Baker Acted and transported to Munroe Regional Hospital for treatment.

Trooper Young is commended for his quick action in saving the man’s life.