Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Suspect Captured After Ramming Five Cars in Tampa

Trooper ArnoldSgt. CendanWhile working an aircraft speed enforcement detail on Interstate 4 in Hillsborough County, FHP pilot Sergeant Mike Cendan notified Trooper Howard Arnold about an SUV traveling 88 miles per hour in the 70 mile per hour posted speed zone. When Trooper Arnold attempted to stop the driver of the SUV, he would not stop and then exited the interstate.

Pictured left, Trooper Howard Arnold and right, Sergeant Mike Cendan.

At that time, Trooper Arnold disengaged and turned it over to Sergeant Cendan, who followed the suspect from the air into a residential area. Once the SUV came to a stop, Trooper Arnold responded to the location, giving verbal commands for the suspect to exit the vehicle. The trooper was surprised when the suspect suddenly took off, ramming his patrol car.

Sgt. Cendan and his planeSergeant MontesSgt. Cendan once again followed the suspect with the FHP aircraft and witnessed the SUV run a red light and collide with five vehicles in a busy intersection near Tampa.

Pictured left, Sgt. Cendan and his plane and right, Sergeant Jim Montes.

Once the dust settled, the suspect ran from the scene on foot, leaving six injured people behind, including his girlfriend and sister, who provided Trooper Arnold with his identity.

Troopers Wood and Davis searching the suspect.FHP worked closely with the Orange County Probation and Parole Office in Orlando on this case. The fugitive was surprised when FHP Sgt. Jim Montes walked in and placed him under arrest while he was waiting to check-in with his probation officer.

Troopers Tim Wood and Darryl Davis (pictured left) searched the suspect before escorting him to a waiting FHP patrol car.