Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Remember School is Back in Session

Trooper Beck and Trooper Bones slow traffic in a school zone with the Nassau County Sheriff's Office.During the first few weeks of the new school year, troopers in Troop G have conducted school zone enforcement details within each of their nine counties to crack down on school zone speeders. The detail is designed to warn motorists that school is back in session, while protecting those children and school crossing guards within school zones.

Pictured: Troopers Bill Beck and Garry Bones slow traffic in a school zone with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

Motorists need to be on full alert for children walking or riding bikes to and from schools. The best protection is for drivers to slow down when approaching children on roadways. Every mile per hour a driver reduces vehicle speed allows for greater reaction time. This could be the difference between life and death for a child who unexpectedly darts across the street.

Motorists need to pay extra attention in school zones where children are present, not only in the first few critical weeks, but throughout the entire school year. Motorists should also be aware that speeding fines are doubled within school zones and can be over $500 depending on how fast they are going.