Photo/Story Gallery 2006

New Faces on Florida Gas Pumps

Move Over StickerNew faces will soon appear on gas pumps all across the state. Stickers promoting Florida’s Move Over Law will be displayed for motorists to read as they pump gas at thousands of stations and convenience stores starting in April in hopes that they will help protect our state’s emergency workers while they do their jobs. Every year, emergency workers are injured or killed while trying to protect the public traveling on Florida’s roadways. Those emergency personnel who were injured or killed were real people out there on the roads of our state trying to protect the public, enforce our traffic laws, and help those of us in emergency situations.

The new gas pump stickers show just three faces out of the thousands of emergency workers who protect us everyday. These faces represent people who are there to help us–law enforcement officers, EMS, fire rescue, road rangers, and tow truck drivers. Often, they are the ones in danger of losing their lives when motorists slam their vehicles into them or their vehicles while they try to do their jobs every day.

To follow the requirements of the Move Over Law, which passed in 2002, motorists must approach emergency vehicles with caution; change lanes away from emergency vehicles if traveling on a multi-lane road and can do so safely; or slow down at a safe speed so as not to block the flow of traffic.

It is also important to remember that the Move Over Law not only protects emergency workers, but anyone involved in a traffic stop while waiting in their car on the side of the road; or getting a flat tire changed by a trooper; or waiting for the tow truck driver to hook up a disabled car, or anyone involved in traffic crashes, including those waiting for the law enforcement officer to pull them from the wreckage or the paramedics to load them into an ambulance. Emergency personnel work hard to save our lives every day- don’t risk theirs by violating this important law. Law enforcement officers, fire rescue professionals and paramedics, and even tow truck drivers and road crew workers–all driving emergency vehicles and are on our roads to protect us and keep us safe on the road.

Emergency workers are there to do their job. Do yours–move over and slow down! Florida drivers need to do their part–obey the law! Help protect those who protect you!