Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Miami DUI Task Force Ready for Violators

photo of FHP and FHPA Members of Troop E photo of FHP and FHPA MembersRecently, Troop E participated in a multi-agency DUI enforcement detail organized by the Miami-Dade County Chapter of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and Troop Commander Major David McCarter.

In 2004, over one thousand motorists were killed in Florida in DUI related traffic crashes. To help reduce this tragic statistic, FHP troopers and fellow law enforcement officers from other agencies worked together to remove drunk drivers from our roadways.

During the enforcement detail, troopers, along with officers from local law enforcement agencies, enforced our state’s tough DUI laws, saturating coverage on roadways in Miami-Dade County looking for drunk drivers. BATMOBILES (Blood Alcohol Testing Units) from several agencies, including Miami-Dade Police, Miami Police, Homestead Police, and FHP, were set up at various locations around the county to help process violators. To offer additional support for the task force, FHP Auxiliary troopers helped track down and arrest DUI violators to help protect the motoring public.