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Florida Map with Troop BoundariesThe Florida Highway Patrol has added new features and a new look to its “Live Traffic Crash and Road Condition Report” website. By going to, users can now view all traffic incidents and pinpoint them on a map as well.

This new interactive website pinpoints each incident by using the GPS (Global Position Satellite) coordinates assigned to each call in the Patrols CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system. The Patrols CAD feeds this information to the web site every 5 minutes, and the Duty Officers at each of the Patrols seven dispatch centers provide additional information related to the road conditions in the form of text in the remarks section of the web site for each call.

The user can stay current with traffic conditions throughout the State of Florida and plan his/her route based on traffic conditions and incidents that may affect their travel.

Once you enter the website, click on Live Traffic Crash and Road Condition Report. You will be taken to a multi-colored map. There you can select one of nine regions and Florida’s Turnpike. Once you select the region you will find a listing of all the traffic related incidents being reported to the Florida Highway Patrol for that region.

If you click on any of the incidents’ locations you will see the incidents pinpointed on a map. You can click on any of the red pinpoints and you will see additional information regarding that particular incident.

Zoom in or out for a more precise look at the incident. You can zoom all the way in and see that incident’s exact location on or off the roadway.

Select the Satellite view and perform the same operation for a look at the incident from a satellite. Select the Hybrid view and you will see an overlay of the Map and Satellite view.

The Florida Highway Patrol is a nationwide leader in technology and we are always striving for new and improved ways of better serving the public. This new Live Traffic Crash and Road Condition Report is just one example of how the Patrol strives to better serve the citizens of the State of Florida, our visitors, and the motoring public.