Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Hands Across the Border 2006

Officers from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama at the Georgia Welcome Center.Once again, Florida Highway Patrol Troops A and G joined with the Alabama Highway Patrol (AHP) and the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) in the annual Hands Across the Border event.

This annual event gathers local, county, and state law enforcement agencies together to demonstrate their commitment to traffic safety. Each year it is held prior to Labor Day to encourage safe driving between the states during the long holiday weekend.

On August 28th representatives from Florida, Alabama, and Georgia met at the Alabama/Florida line west of Pensacola. FHP’s Major Randy Brown welcomed representatives from bordering state agencies.

FHP's Major Randy Brown welcomes AHP and GSP Representatives.
LtoR: AHP’s Corporal Tracy Nelson, FHP’s Major Randy Brown, and GSP’s Captain Mike Reese.

Captain Rick Kelley welcomes Georgia's Colonel Bill Hitchens
FHP’s Captain Rick Kelley welcomes
GSP’s Colonel Bill Hitchens.

FHP welcomes AHP
FHP welcomes AHP

On September 1st, another event was held at the Florida & Georgia Welcome Centers. It started at the Georgia Welcome Center as Georgia State Patrol Colonel Bill Hitchens flew in by helicopter to greet everyone with a message that his agency as well as other county and local law enforcement agencies will do their part in this safety campaign. A caravan was then conducted down to the Florida Welcome Center where FHP Captain Rick Kelley challenged Colonel Hitchens to make this holiday the safest ever. A fantastic Florida shrimp boil was catered to feed all of the officers in attendance.

Hands Across the Border focuses on impaired driving, safety belt and child restraint violations. It was created in 1991 to demonstrate a commitment to traffic safety, to promote strict enforcement of those laws designed to protect motorists traveling through these southern states and across the borders, and to remind citizens of the importance of traffic safety during the holiday period and all year long.

Sergeant Powell and Trooper Daniels in front of GSP helicopter.
Sergeant James Powell and Trooper Mike Daniels stand in front of GSP helicopter.

Meeting in Alabama
Meeting in Alabama

All law enforcement agencies join hands to illustrate their commitment to work together.
All law enforcement agencies join hands to illustrate their commitment to work together.