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Graduation Day For the 112th

The 112th graduating class“Divided we began, together now we stand.
We are the 112th, forever black and tan.”

On July 27, 2006, the Florida Highway Patrol’s 112th recruit class graduated in a ceremony at the Leon County Civic Center in Tallahassee. Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Executive Director, Fred Dickinson, introduced Florida’s Governor Jeb Bush as the Commencement Speaker.

Governor Bush told the recruits they were now members of an “elite family” that represents the first line of defense for the millions of Florida citizens and its visitors. “They look to you all for safety and protection and I know you won’t let them down,” Bush said.

(L-R) FHPA Chaplain Morgan, Chief Dawson, HSMV Deputy Director Westberry, HSMV Director Dickinson, Governor Bush, Colonel Knight Pictured left: FHPA Chaplain Cliff Morgan, Chief Silvester Dawson, HSMV Deputy Executive Director Dave Westberry, HSMV Executive Director Fred Dickinson, Governor Jeb Bush, Colonel Chris Knight.

The 112th Basic Recruit Class began their training on January 13th, 2006 and the 112th Certified Recruit Class began theirs on June 2, 2006. This class has the distinction of being the first class to begin their training at the new academy in the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Havana, Florida.

The 112th final formation. After completing their respective training at the academy, the Basic and Certified Officer Recruits received their diplomas and badges, and Colonel Knight administered the Oath of Office. The graduates will be released to solo patrol after completing 10 weeks of field training in their first assigned districts.

Governor Bush left the recruits with these words, “You are now a member of a very elite family. Make your family proud.” The Florida Highway Patrol is proud to welcome these men and women into their “family”. Congratulations and good luck 112!

Of the 51 graduates, eight were selected to receive special recognition awards. Executive Director Dickinson and Colonel Knight presented awards to the following:

  • Executive Director’s Award: Michael Meaney
  • FHP Director’s Award: Jose Caceres
  • Class President’s Award: Ernest Hunt
  • Public Speaking: Kamau Leigh
  • Marksmanship Award: Michael Torres
  • Defensive Tactics Award: Justin Smatt
  • Physical Fitness Award (Best Overall): Michael Leo
  • Physical Fitness Award(Most Improved): Lauren Miller

Governor Bush speaking to the recruits and graduation guests.
Governor Bush speaks to the recruits and graduation guests.

HSMV Director Fred Dickinson
HSMV Executive Director Fred Dickinson

Colonel Knight addressing the 112th.
Colonel Knight addresses the 112th.

Class President Ernest Hunt
Class President Ernest Hunt

The 112th being sworn in.
The 112th is sworn in.

The 112th wait to form up outside the civic center.
The 112th wait to form up outside the civic center.

The Press at the112 graduation.
The Press at the112 graduation.