Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Determined Trooper Makes Arrests

Trooper Brandon HoaglanWhile participating in a joint venture between the FHP and the Tampa Police Department on speed enforcement on the Howard Frankland Bridge, Tampa District Trooper Brandon Hoaglan observed a subject walking away from a running vehicle that was parked on the bridge. Trooper Hoaglan approached the subject and after determining that the vehicle was, in fact his, and that there were no mechanical problems, Trooper Hoaglan began to investigate the suspicious incident a little further.

During a consensual search, Trooper Hoaglan found cocaine, ecstasy pills, and other prescription drugs, that supposedly did not belong to the suspect. After placing the suspect under arrest, Trooper Hoaglan discovered that the suspect had just been released from prison after serving a lengthy sentence for murder.

Days later, while investigating an abandoned vehicle found under the Howard Frankland bridge, Trooper Hoaglan stopped a driver that had driven around a sign prohibiting thru traffic. A brief investigation revealed that the driver was a wanted fugitive. Trooper Hoaglan immediately placed him under arrest. Moments later a passenger in the vehicle jumped into the driver’s seat and attempted to flee the scene, only to crash into the side of the bridge. Fearing the worst for a baby that was also in the vehicle Trooper Hoaglan ordered the subject out of the crashed vehicle. After ignoring numerous commands to exit the vehicle, the subject became physically combative with Trooper Hoaglan and broke loose from his hold, and dove into Tampa Bay and swam away. The subject was quickly picked up by a Florida Wildlife Officer and transported to a local hospital before being booked into jail.