Photo/Story Gallery 2006

All in a Day’s Work for Troop C

Lieutenant Quenneville
Kristina Quenneville

Trooper Hill
Teressa Hill

Trooper Hunt
Damien Hunt

Trooper May
Justin May

Is it real or just a movie? Whether on the road spotting speeding vehicles, locating stolen cars, saving a victim from a burning vehicle, or on a set making an educational video to teach drivers how to be more careful, it really is all part of the job of being a Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

Lieutenant Quenneville performs<BR>a sound check for the camera crew.Lieutenant Kristina Quenneville

The Learning Channel was recently in Tampa filming a pilot for a new episode called The Day I Grew Up about horrific experiences that changed a person’s life forever.

Pictured right, Lieutenant Quenneville performs a sound check for the camera crew.

Lt. Quenneville relived the day she responded in a double fatal crash in Hillsborough County in 1997 that lead to the creation of a national youth organization that works to prevent reckless driving, underage drinking, and poor decisions often made by our nation’s youth. Lt. Quenneville painted a chilling picture for the camera crew about the investigation, interaction with the survivors, and the impact that this scene had on all who responded.

Trooper Teressa Hill

While on patrol, Lakeland District Trooper Teressa Hill recently witnessed a vehicle crash into a utility pole. Before Trooper Hill could get out of her patrol car, the vehicle was engulfed by flames with the driver still inside. With help, Trooper Hill was able to get the driver out of the vehicle and away from the fire. Thanks to Trooper Hill’s quick and decisive actions, the victim is expected to make a full recovery.

Recovered sedan.Trooper Damien Hunt

While patrolling Interstate 275 in Hillsborough County, Tampa District Trooper Damien Hunt received a Lo Jack hit that lead him off the interstate and into a neighboring community. Following the beeps and arrows emitted from the Lo Jack display, Trooper Hunt found the stolen Dodge sedan abandoned, approximately 20 minutes after it had been entered into the NCIC/FCIC and Lo Jack system. Thanks to Trooper Hunt’s actions, a stolen vehicle was returned to its owner in record time!

Trooper Justin May

While running stationary RADAR on Interstate 4 in Hillsborough County, Tampa District Trooper Justin May clocked a speeding vehicle traveling over 100 miles per hour. Before Trooper May could make a u-turn in effort to overtake the vehicle, the late model Nissan sedan ran into the rear of a mini-van. After Trooper May rendered aid to the injured victims, he placed the driver under arrest for D.U.I. A subsequent search incident to arrest led to the discovery of a felony amount of marijuana and prescription medications that did not belong to the suspect.

Great job by all!