Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Continue to Remember

Troop C 'Missing Trooper' MemorialMany times we forget to take a moment and remember those who have gone before us. Whether it is a lost civil rights leader, fallen war hero, or slain law enforcement officer, we tend to remember these people only on a special day or week set aside for that particular person or group.

To help honor FHP troopers who have been killed in the line of duty, Troop C will continue to utilize, as much as possible, the Troop C FHP Memorial (shown above) as a back drop for the Troop Public Affairs Officer during all news reports and media interviews. The ten foot tall marble and steel monument entitled “Missing Trooper” will become the stage for one of Florida’s busiest media outlets, reminding residents and guests in the Sunshine State of the sacrifices made by our fallen heros.