Photo/Story Gallery 2006


Confiscated currency in bundlesRecently, Trooper Chris Ellis conducted a traffic stop for unlawful speed in Washington County. Upon approaching the vehicle, the odor of marijuana and alcohol was detected.

Troopers Brian Davis and Mitchell Brown were called as back-up. While interviewing the male driver, and only occupant, a large bulge was observed in both of his front pockets. Trooper Davis also observed marijuana residue on the driver’s right front pants pocket.

When asked about the large bulges in his pockets, the subject removed a brown paper bag from his right front pocket that contained a square bundle inside. When asked what it was he replied that it was money. The left front pocket contained the same thing. Trooper Ellis deployed K-9 Cain who alerted to the center console and trunk of the vehicle.

Confiscated currency.A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a cigar box that contained a large bundle of money wrapped in rubber bands. The total amount of currency was $71,798. In the center console was a half burnt cigar blunt.

During the interview of the driver he stated that the money was from the sale of narcotics. He was booked on Misdemeanor Charges of Possession of Marijuana Less than 20 grams. His vehicle and money were confiscated, placed into evidence, and entered into forfeiture proceedings.