Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Another Suicide Thwarted

Trooper MacombRecently, Trooper Karl Macomb (left) was dispatched to a portion of Interstate 75 that crosses the Alafia River in southern Hillsborough County where a man was attempting to commit suicide. The distraught man threatened to jump from the barrier wall if anyone got near him.

Corporal JettonWith rush hour traffic speeding by and the potential for a crash, Trooper Macomb built a rapport with the man. The trooper eventually got the man to get off the barrier wall and stand on the shoulder of the road.

Corporal Dennis Jetton (right) arrived to assist and was able to communicate with the man. He persuaded him to move from the wall to where Corporal Jetton was positioned, promising him a cigarette if he would come closer. When he was close enough, Trooper Macomb and Corporal Jetton were able to grab the subject. He was transported to a local hospital where he was Baker Acted by the FHP.

Another suicide attempt was thwarted and a life saved.