Photo/Story Gallery 2006

Abducted Child Returned Home by Troopers

DO GaleoteTrooper Yunas, Corporal Wyatt, Corporal Thomas, and Trooper Ruiz.Recently, Duty Officer Alexis Galeote of the Lake Worth Communication Center received a BOLO in regards to an abducted child from Clay County, Florida. The description of the suspect vehicle was quickly relayed to troopers in the Ft. Pierce area by D.O. Galeote. Troopers began saturating rest areas and motels near the interstate system. Unknown to the suspect, her vehicle was being tracked by G.P.S. information from her cell phone.

Pictured left, Duty Officer Alexis Galeote and right, (L to R) Trooper Ryan Yunas, Corporal Pam Wyatt, Corporal Charles Thomas, and Trooper Robert Ruiz.

D.O. Galeote then received information that the suspect vehicle may be in the area of a Day’s Inn motel near State Road 70. Troopers moved quickly to the location of the motel. Cpl. Charles Thomas and Trooper Mellow Losee canvassed the parking lot and were able to local the suspect. She was taken into custody without further incident. After receiving a warrant from Clay County the suspect was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail and the three year old girl was returned to the Clay County Sheriff’s office.

Outstanding teamwork on the part of the members of the Lake Worth Regional Communication Center, including Duty Officer Galeoto, Duty Officer Kelly Cox, and Duty Officer Meredith Jacobs, along with Ft. Pierce troopers, brought this incident to an immediate end with the safe return of a child to her family.