Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Troopers Seize Green House Goods

Trooper DuvalTrooper Eric Duval, a four-year veteran in Troop L’s Lantana district, who is well known for his on-duty work ethic and his recent membership to the elite DUI 100 Club, just scored big when his off-duty actions helped remove a drug dealer from his community.

Concerned citizens notified Trooper Duval of what they thought was a possible propane gas leak emanating from inside an apartment. The smelly fumes turned out to be caused by an advanced marijuana cultivating grow house operation. Upon investigating the suspicious odor, Trooper Duval had reason to believe that the smell was coming from marijuana in a nearby apartment.

Marijuana Plants discovered in grow house.Trooper Duval immediately notified Troop K’s Contraband Interdiction Unit, and Sergeant Thomas Kelly, Trooper Ben Fargo, and Trooper Robert Brody responded to the scene. K-9 Goblin was used to confirm that the odor was that of marijuana. At the direction of Captain Brad Pelton, a search warrant was obtained and executed. As a result, the search revealed an elaborate hydroponics marijuana grow house. A total of 77 hydroponics marijuana plants were seized, along with numerous pieces of equipment used to cultivate the illegal plants.

The apartment renter was arrested and charged with multiple counts of possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana in addition to cultivating and manufacturing marijuana.

This example of outstanding teamwork demonstrates the commitment of our troopers to remove illegal drugs from our communities.